GET Grab The Torch Certified!

Your child can learn about leadership, ethics, philanthropy, and purpose through our Cloud Based Grab The Torch program! This self-paced program enables students to complete the program when it is convenient for them. A Grab The Torch Certificate confirms the completion of the course and can be listed as an effective activity on any college or job application!

In addition to access to the Cloud Based GTT, subscribers will also receive:

  • A customized individual report containing your child’s unique responses and actions in one place. This report can be emailed or printed as a .pdf
  • GTT Facilitation Training & Coaching: GTT staff will provide initial training and follow-up remote support as they implement Cloud Based GTT
  • Analytics and reporting of engagement with the program
  • Technical Support: GTT staff will answer technical questions about accessing modules and assist with any technical requests related to Cloud Based GTT.


With your purchase, families will receive a Facilitator’s Guide that provides an array of individual and group experiential activities that can be used by you to reinforce what is being taught in the program. The activities will bring the concepts of the curriculum alive for students as they reflect, design, create, discuss and work to understand and incorporate what they learned from each module of the program. A facilitator’s incorporation of these related experiential activities adds context, real-world application, and community connections to the online learning experience. Together, these tools are intended to build a foundation for students to make the most out of their choices in leadership, philanthropy, community engagement, and social and emotional growth.

Students who complete the sequence of the Introduction to Philanthropy, Purpose, Creating a Vision for Good, and Choosing a Cause modules, along with activities from the Facilitators Guide, are more likely to have: (1) a clear understanding of the variety of ways in which they could use their time, talents and treasure to affect change in the world; (2) a sense of purpose; (3) a personal mission drafted to guide their decisions; and, (4) an identified change they want to affect in their community.

Annual costs for Cloud Based Grab The Torch is just $49/person!

NOTE: If your family has special need-based circumstances and requires custom pricing, please contact
us at or call Dave Aldrich at 781-581-1357

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