Participants will:

  • Participate in a week of self-discovery, communication skills, leadership development, and team-building exercises.
  • Meet and build friendships with a diverse group of high school girls (ages 15-18) from independent, charter, and public schools from across the U.S.
  • Experience lessons, group and individual activities, and reflection around the core curriculum of leadership, ethics, purpose, and philanthropy from professional facilitators and GTT youth interns.
  • Engage with and learn from speakers who share personal missions that drive them and lessons they learned from their journeys as CEOs, entrepreneurs, visionaries and educators from the corporate, nonprofit, foundation and community engagement fields.
  • Attend urban site visits and participate in activities that enlighten students to innovative solutions to today’s global challenges and ways to give back, take action and lead responsibly.
  • Engage in activities that foster a deeper understanding of service and community, and a broader knowledge of the nonprofit sector.
  • Participate in outdoor adventures that enhance team-building skills and provide challenge.
  • Live and learn on comfortable university and school campuses.
  • Build a resume with content and connections for college applications and references.

Learn and Grow!

Purpose is the hallmark of Grab The Torch. Girls will explore through the Institute’s Purpose sessions, with researcher and educator Jenni Menon Mariano.