Each school, youth organization or community-based site that subscribes to Cloud Based Grab The Torch will receive:

  1. Access to the Cloud Based Grab The Torch program of topic-based learning modules (presented through a Learning Managment System)
  2. A customized document produced by each student, containing all of their unique responses and action actions in one place. This personal guide can be emailed, printed as a .pdf, and reviewed by, for example, Facilitators, School Counselor’s, Parents, etc.
  3. A Facilitator’s Guide (providing experiential individual and group activities for facilitators to use with students after they complete each Online module)
  4. GTT Facilitation Trainer & Coach (GTT staff who will provide initial training for facilitators and follow-up remote support as they implement Cloud Based GTT)
  5. Analytics and reporting of student engagement with the program
  6. Technical Support (GTT staff who will answer technical questions about accessing modules and assist with any technical problems)

Grab The Torch is a 501 (c)(3) organization committed to public-private partnerships.